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Giochi Strategia Giochi di parole
Sviluppatore Greg Phillips

Fotophrase, a game in which players challenge each other to capture the best picture representation of a random word or phrase. It may sound simple but winning isnt easy, the most creative, humorous or literal meaning of the word or phrase can win the round.

Ever think to yourself, my friend is the epitome of a nerd? Fotophrase gives you the chance to prove that with a picture. Use your imagine to outwit and outthink other players in a quest to win best photo representation of a word or phrase.

• Multiplayer rooms with up to 6 players total
• Create private rooms for you and your friends
• Invite friends to public games you have joined
• Vote to kick users who may be taking too long or just need to go
• Ability to skip to voting
• Vote on the pictures, which are displayed anonymously and random.
• Ability to Report inappropriate pictures
• In game leader-board based on total wins and overall win percentage
• Suggest your own word or phrase and we may even add
• Instantly share winning pictures to Facebook or Twitter to show your friends
• Remove the ads and unlock image filters with an in app purchase
• And much more , what are you waiting for get to playing !

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